death-of-superman-splashAfter two years, will be no more as of tonight. Why tonight? Because that’s when wordpress told us that out subscription was expiring and I didn’t want to fork over the dough to keep it going for another year.

I had a lot of fun writing about all of my interests, from wrestling to video games and everything in between. I especially enjoyed sharing my experiences waiting for my son to be born. If anyone got anything out of those stories than this blog was completely worth doing.

I had so much fun with this blog that I am teaming up with my wife to create a brand new one that we have named (JAM = Jess And Mike). In it, you will find all of my regular wrestling recaps and other reviews, along with my wife providing opinions on all of her interests, ranging from Halloween decorating to scary shows and whatever the hell women are in to.

So that’s it. I really hope you enjoyed this blog and that you follow me over to my new endeavor. Since I started this blog with a stupid video, let this be the last thing seen on this site:



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